How to Perfect Your 30 Second Elevator Speech

There are many authors that write about the how to craft the perfect 30-second pitch. I am not even sure I’ve been able to master an elegant statement about my primary business, because its always changing. What I do know is that my enthusiasm and passion shine through every time. My goal of illuminating the products and telling my personal story, gets people ever time. I have been able to successfully promote my product and explain why anyone and everyone can and should my product. I try to keep it short and simple (KISS), and make sure I always ask for the sale at the end of my presentation.

If you are in line for a new pitch to sell your business, service, or product you should brainstorm what makes your product unique, why ordinary folks would use the product(s) and what they have to gain by doing so, and why they should trust you as a leader in your industry. Lots of authors talking about creating a pitch but as I mentioned above its starts with the 6 W’s: What’s your name; What’s your story, What’s your service, product, company, or cause?; What problem or issues can you help solve (or what demand do you meet)? What makes your product unique and why I should buy it? All that to say, how are you different than your competition?

When you start out thinking about crafting your pitch use mind-mapping. Its a simple exercise where you place your product in a circle on a blank piece of paper, then draw lines out and begin to write on the lines important concepts to your product. When you finished you us the sum of the parts to create a whole picture for your pitch that should answer the 6Ws. You then can chop it down to the most manageable pitch for 30-60 seconds and practice it before you deliver it to a room full of people.